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Re: [Qemu-devel] Problem with the -serial option of qemu

From: Jan Marten Simons
Subject: Re: [Qemu-devel] Problem with the -serial option of qemu
Date: Wed, 11 Jul 2007 20:16:44 +0200
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The MoonSeeker schrieb:
On my ubuntu I have qemu 0.9.0 And on my Gentoo I have 0.8.1. Now I don't know howto install qemu 0.9.0 on my gentoo with GCC4 and a 2.6.20 kernel. If I install GCC3, I have to change my kernel. Any idea to avoid this? And use GCC4 with qemu 9.0.x?
Finally, I don't have anything on the port 4000 :

You have to select a gcc3-profile without pie or ssp via gcc-config before quilding qemu-softmmu or qemu-user. for kqemu you have to use the same compiler used to compile your kernel.


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