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Re: [Qemu-devel] address translation

From: andrzej zaborowski
Subject: Re: [Qemu-devel] address translation
Date: Sat, 14 Jul 2007 00:23:03 +0200

On 14/07/07, Shashidhar Mysore <address@hidden> wrote:
Thanks for the reply, Andrzej!

Some clarifications below ...

On 7/13/07, andrzej zaborowski <address@hidden > wrote:
> >
> > ************************************************
> > /* convert one instruction. s->is_jmp is set if the translation must
> >    be stopped. Return the next pc value */
> > static target_ulong disas_insn(DisasContext *s, target_ulong pc_start)
> > {
> >     int b, prefixes, aflag, dflag;
> >     int shift, ot;
> >     int modrm, reg, rm, mod, reg_addr, op, opreg, offset_addr, val;
> >     target_ulong next_eip, tval;
> >     int rex_w, rex_r;
> >
> >     s->pc = pc_start;   // This s->pc is what I am using to extract all
> > executed PC values
> This s->pc doesn't correspond to executed PC values, qemu is a translator.

Can you tell me what s->pc is, in this context? Is the the start PC of a

It is the PC of the disassembled instruction (hence disasm_insn).

basic block that is about to be executed? Is there any way in which I could
extract the trace of executed PCs in QEMU?

Yes, there was a thread about this about two months ago.


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