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Re: [Qemu-devel] More misspellings

From: Jonathan Kalbfeld
Subject: Re: [Qemu-devel] More misspellings
Date: Tue, 17 Jul 2007 09:28:41 -0700

I should send you my grad school papers to spellcheck :)

On 7/17/07, Stuart Brady <address@hidden> wrote:

I spellchecked much of QEMU's source a while ago, and produced a list of
misspellings, which I now include below.

I could submit a patch to fix these, but I'm not sure what its preferred
form would be.  Would it be better to submit separate patches for
changes to the docs and/or strings, or would one big patch be okay?
(Bear in mind I've counted 206 non-distinct misspellings.)

I'll understand if this is deemed too large a cosmetic issue to be worth
committing anything, but OTOH, it shouldn't be especially disruptive, as
any merge conflicts would be trivial to fix.

Stuart Brady

accordin, addresss, amounnt, an a, apear, arbitary, arbritration,
asynchrnonous, autio, begining, choosen, completly, compliation, confition,
decrememnted, defering, dependancy, desciptor, dirst, disconect, enought,
enoutered, epilog, exeption, existant, explicitely, feild, fordward, formwer,
hadle_packet, heplers, immeriately, inconsistancies, indepedent, inspirated,
instruciton, instructon, instrunctions, interrput, interupt_request,
intruction, jup, latters, lenght, mecanism, miniscule, minmal, montior,
neccessary, neeed, negotion, normaly, occured, occuring, olders, overrite,
paramters, parmissible, peripherans, peripherial, positionned, preceeding,
precition, prefech, prefered, presrved, previos, priledge, priveladged,
priveledged, priveleged, priviledge, privledge, psuedo, puting, regiser,
replacd, reservered, ressources, rythm, seconday, shoud, simplicitly, somethin,
spliting, stabalized, succesfully, suppored, supresses, supression, teh,
tranfer, transmiter, trasfer, unknwon, unkown, unstandard, useable, vairable,
weired, whitespaces, writting, yeild

Jonathan Kalbfeld
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