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Re: [Qemu-devel] Re: QEmu as a Device Software Optimization tool

From: Alexander Voropay
Subject: Re: [Qemu-devel] Re: QEmu as a Device Software Optimization tool
Date: Fri, 27 Jul 2007 15:12:22 +0400

"Paul Borman" wrote:

Personally, I would have a goal that the definition of a device would be simple enough that there would be no reason to have anything more complicated than a simple text file.

Look at the Virtutech Simics emulator. (It's closed source product but free
for academic use). Their config file allows to "construct" a whole machine
from the "processor", "bus", PCI devices e.t.c. components.


script file to crate a Pentium machine with 440BX chipset:
if not defined freq_mhz {$freq_mhz = 20}
if not defined cpi {$cpi = 1}
if not defined disk_size {$disk_size = 20496236544}
if not defined disk_image {}
if not defined rtc_time {$rtc_time = "2002-09-18 10:00:00 UTC"}
if not defined num_cpus {$num_cpus = 1}
if not defined memory_megs {$memory_megs = 256}
if not defined cpu_class {$cpu_class = "pentium-4"}
if not defined text_console {$text_console = "no"}
if not defined use_acpi {$use_acpi = TRUE}
add-directory "%simics%/targets/x86-440bx/images"

$nb = (create-north-bridge-443bx)
$vga = (create-pci-voodoo3)
$nb.connect pci-slot5 $vga
$sb = (create-south-bridge-piix4)
$sio = (create-std-super-io)

$console.connect keyboard $sio kbd-console
$console.connect $vga
$system.connect chipset $nb
$system.connect interrupt $sb
$system.connect reset $sio
$nb.connect pci-slot7 $sb
$sb.connect $sio
$sb.connect ide0-master $disk



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