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[Qemu-devel] Re: QEMU Automated Testing

From: Stefan Weil
Subject: [Qemu-devel] Re: QEMU Automated Testing
Date: Sat, 28 Jul 2007 14:43:16 +0200
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QEMU can build and run on a MIPS32 host - it just needs a few patches
(which were already sent to the list but got lost in CVS head).

The patched sources I use to run QEMU MIPS Malta with Debian stable
inside of a QEMU Malta emulation on x86 hardware are available from URL

Use this command to get them:
svn checkout

Any combination of big and little endian works with pcnet32:
qemu-system-mipsel in qemu-system-mips,
qemu-system-mipsel in qemu-system-mipsel,
qemu-system-mips in qemu-system-mips,
qemu-system-mips in qemu-system-mipsel.

Other network emulations only work with some of these combinations.

User mode emulation won't work, but it does not work on any
platform - not even x86.

I did not check MIPS64 emulation.


> Do you have any idea of what else is needed to get QEMU to a usable
> state on
> MIPS hosts? Are there any other ideas for virtualisation such as Xen
> or VMware/
> SimOS? I have asked on the Xen-devel list but nobody gave any feedback
> there.

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