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[Qemu-devel] Re: Again about SMP-host supporting

From: Георгий Войт
Subject: [Qemu-devel] Re: Again about SMP-host supporting
Date: Sun, 22 Jun 2008 22:30:59 +0400

22 июня 2008 г. 12:23 пользователь Георгий Войт <address@hidden> написал:

2008/6/19 Георгий Войт <address@hidden>:
At first:
Dear Developers!!! You make great and very usable solution! Very big thx!!!!!!!!!!!!
  I have a question:
        is there in roadmap/TODO some plans about old (or not very old) SMP-hosts supporting? I mean - will qemu work not only on one core/CPU without HW acceleration (like kvm) ??? Can you make for each virtual CPU standalone qemu thread?  1 VurtualCPU - 1 qemu host thread; 2 VurtualCPU - 2 qemu host threads; etc ? I have P3 SMP machine, so it without intel VT technology on each CPU, so i can run qemu only on one CPU and KVM module can't be inserted...  :( 
          So, could you say me something about it?
Writing all-caps won't make the devs in the know more responsive to such a general question.

Of course in theory it can be done. The problem is that it requires synchronization between the threads, and the previous attempts to do this reportedly resulted in code slower than the current single-threaded version. See the list archives for details.

If you have a good idea to tackle this, feel free to contribute a patch.

As for the emulation speed, if you're running Linux maybe you can use the kqemu module.


Ok Andreas, thank you very much for your reply =) Sorry about writing all in caps-lock, i just thinking, that nobody couldn't answer to me... By the way, i wish to use windows as guest, so can't using kqemu acceleration =(   I will try to find in archive version with smp support =) I have SMP with more than 2 CPU's without HW acceleration support, so , maybe this version will be more speedly, then single-threaded version?


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