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[Qemu-devel] [Patch] Segfault with -vnc option

From: Jan Niehusmann
Subject: [Qemu-devel] [Patch] Segfault with -vnc option
Date: Mon, 22 Sep 2008 19:16:05 +0200
User-agent: Mutt/1.5.18 (2008-05-17)


I observed a reproducible segmentation fault of kvm under the following

 - start kvm with -vnc option, using cirrus vga (default)
 - connect to the vnc console
 - boot windows xp
 - login
 - screen resolutions 1024x768
 - change to qemu monitor (ctrl-alt-2)
 - wait for the windows screensaver to kick in

Here is the stack trace of the segmentation fault:

(gdb) info stack
#0  0xb7cc4573 in memmove () from /lib/i686/cmov/libc.so.6
#1  0x080db22a in vnc_copy (ds=0x81d0b20, src_x=50, src_y=50, dst_x=195, 
dst_y=576, w=275, h=174) at vnc.c:477
#2  0x080b2626 in cirrus_bitblt_start (s=0x86eb1e4) at 
#3  0x080b29e5 in cirrus_hook_write_gr (s=0x86eb1e4, reg_index=0, 
reg_value=275) at /tmp/kvm-72+dfsg/qemu/hw/cirrus_vga.c:1091
#4  0x080fe885 in cpu_physical_memory_rw (addr=753728, buf=0x5a408028 <Address 
0x5a408028 out of bounds>, len=1, is_write=1) at 
#5  0x08159eae in kvm_mmio_write (opaque=0x0, addr=753728, data=0x5a408028 
<Address 0x5a408028 out of bounds>, len=1) at 
#6  0x0818d30b in handle_mmio (kvm=0x83ec028, kvm_run=0x5a408000) at 
#7  0x0818d820 in kvm_run (kvm=0x83ec028, vcpu=0) at libkvm.c:975
#8  0x0815a680 in kvm_cpu_exec (env=0x84da9b0) at 
#9  0x0815a980 in ap_main_loop (_env=0x84da9b0) at 
#10 0xb7e964c0 in start_thread () from /lib/i686/cmov/libpthread.so.0
#11 0xb7d2d55e in clone () from /lib/i686/cmov/libc.so.6

The cause is that the default windows screensaver uses bitblt to
move the windows logo around, and cirrus_bitblt_start does call vnc_copy
with parameters suitable for the VGA mode the virtual VGA card uses. But
vnc_copy uses the currently active console, which is a text console with
a resolution of 800x600:

(gdb) up
#1  0x080db22a in vnc_copy (ds=0x81d0b20, src_x=50, src_y=50, dst_x=195, 
dst_y=576, w=275, h=174) at vnc.c:477
477             memmove(old_row, src_row, w * vs->depth);

As you can see, dst_y + h = 750 > 600.

As vnc_copy doesn't check these parameters, a segmentation fault occurs.

I think it's quite easy to prevent this behaviour: If we are not on the
graphics console, just skip the vnc_copy.

This patch assumes that there is only one graphic console. This is,
of course, the usual case - but I'm not sure if this is guaranteed in
every case.


Signed-off-by: Jan Niehusmann <address@hidden>

--- qemu/vnc.c.orig     2008-09-22 18:38:08.000000000 +0200
+++ qemu/vnc.c  2008-09-22 18:39:13.000000000 +0200
@@ -457,6 +457,9 @@
     int pitch = ds->linesize;
     VncState *vs = ds->opaque;
+    /* Skip copy when on text console */
+    if(!is_graphic_console()) return;
     if (dst_y > src_y) {

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