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[Qemu-devel] Ongoing changes to the displaying code

From: Daniel Gutson
Subject: [Qemu-devel] Ongoing changes to the displaying code
Date: Thu, 08 Jan 2009 17:52:20 -0800
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I'm doing some development related with the displaying bits, and wanted to give an early notice for syncing purposes (specially in terms of Stefano's work).

The development I'm doing intends to add a GUI, which the following abilities: - show more than one DisplayState in a single VT (I think this was previously referred as 'DS multiplexing'), capable of being a mix of graphic/text (see below)
        - add a skin to each VT
        - provide "buttons" with associated actions (such as keyboard input)
        - define all these attributes from an XML file
- in the case of VNC, the ability to show a different VT in each connection.

In order to achieve those features, I am doing the following changes:

- TextConsole (aka QEMUConsole) is a layer above DisplayState which uses it for rendering glyphs. The GUI takes care about 'graphics', whereas TextConsole use it to show the glyphs, get keys, and do text terminal stuff (such as scrolling). No more GRAPHIC_CONSOLE, just fixed or non-fixed size text consoles.

- Displaying backends no longer have input logic or grabbing/displaying pointer/mouse logic. That's been moved to the GUI bits, so the backends' responsibility is to render pieces of screen. (thus being simplified).

        - use of libpng

        - use of libxml (soon)

- I also added an 'fb render engine', intended to provide common functionality to frame buffer devices, such as: - draw lines handling differences of depths,byte orders,pixel orders, and color orders between guest and host
                - rotation/flipping
                - palette handling

What I'm NOT addressing is:
        - text consoles rotation
- ability to show the same VT in more than one displaying backend at the same time (i.e. SDL and VNC).

I'm still working hard to get all the bits together, and should be ready no later than Feb.


Daniel Gutson

"Don't trust a computer you can't throw out a window"

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