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Re: [Qemu-devel] [PATCH] Add multi-boot kernel loading support

From: Rene Rebe
Subject: Re: [Qemu-devel] [PATCH] Add multi-boot kernel loading support
Date: Wed, 4 Feb 2009 11:36:00 +0100


On 03.02.2009, at 15:31, Kevin Wolf wrote:

Rene Rebe schrieb:

Kevin Wolf wrote:
Rene Rebe schrieb:
Hi all,

Alexander Graf implemented multi-boot kernel loading during
his work to run Darwin inside Qemu/KVM. As the boot loader
expects to load the kernel in an EFI environment a custom
booter is used to load the kernel using a legacy BIOS.

This is a port of the patch to the new extload / INT 19
machinery (including minor cleanups).

The memory map doesn't seem to work. It's all zeros for me (haven't
looked for the reason yet) and that kills my kernel. When I disable the memory map part, the kernel seems to boot correctly and it sees all the
modules with the right command lines.

Once these basic things work, another nice feature would be gzip
support. It took me some minutes until I realized that I tried to feed
it a gzipped kernel which didn't work, of course.

I think I noticed the same with the GRUB example kernel. I'll
take a look at some later hour.

Is your kernel something you can share for testing?

Sure. I tried it with with several homebrew kernels from
(page is in German) - to be precise it was tyndur, meinOS, Xantorix and
lightOS. Links to the sources and/or binaries for each one are in the
respective Wiki articles.

I could also send you a tarball with all of them off-list if you like.

From reading the last mails I thought you would have your own kernel.

I now have the mmap, memory sizes (kB, not Bytes) fixed and some
other comments from the list taken into account (ARRAY_SIZE, etc.).


As I did not yet feel like extracting all the kernels and their modules
from the cited disk / floppy images so it's not yet tested with those
"homebrew" kernels.

Further comments welcome,

  René Rebe - ExactCODE GmbH - Europe, Germany, Berlin
  http://exactcode.de | http://t2-project.org | http://rene.rebe.name

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