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[Qemu-devel] ANNOUNCE: Release 0.10.1 of QEMU

From: Anthony Liguori
Subject: [Qemu-devel] ANNOUNCE: Release 0.10.1 of QEMU
Date: Sat, 21 Mar 2009 18:25:23 -0500
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The QEMU team is pleased to announce the availability of the 0.10.1 release. This is a stable release of the 0.10 tree and contains only bug fixes since the 0.10.0. The attached Changelog includes all of the changes that have went in since 0.10.0.

It can be downloaded from Savannah at:


It may take a couple hours for the Savannah mirrors to update so if you get an error, try again later.

- virtio-net: allow masking of notifications on empty queue (Alex Williamson)
 - e1000: fix rx descriptor low threshold logic (Alex Willaimson)
 - x86 tcg: add NULL checks to lsl instruction (Jan Kiszka)
 - kvm vga: fix screen corruption with -std-vga and Windows (Avi Kivity)
 - kvm vga: fix screen corruption with Ubuntu installations (Glauber Costa)
 - virtio-net: check right return size on sg list (Alex Williamson)
 - Make qemu_announce_self handle holes (live migration after hotplug)
   (Marcelo Tosatti)
- Revert r6804-r6808 (qcow2 allocation info). This series of changes added
   a high cost to startup for large qcow2 images (Anthony Liguori)
 - qemu-img: fix help message (Aurelien Jarno)
 - Fix build for non-default installs of SDL (Anthony Liguori)
- Fix race condition in env->interrupt_request. When using TCG and a dynticks
   host timer, this condition could cause TCG to get stuck in an infinite
   loop (Aurelien Jarno)
- Fix reading encrypted hard disk passwords during early startup (Jan Kiszka)
 - Fix encrypted disk reporting in 'info block' (Jan Kiszka)
 - Fix console size with tiny displays (MusicPal) (Jan Kiszka)
 - Improve error handling in bdrv_open2 (Jan Kiszka)
 - Avoid leaking data in mux'ed character devices (Jan Kiszka)
 - Fix initial character device reset (no banner in monitor) (Jan Kiszka)
 - Fix cpuid KVM crash on i386 host (Lubomir Rintel)
- Fix SLES10sp2 installation by adding ISTAT1 register to LSI SCSI emulation
   (Ryan Harper)


Anthony Liguori

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