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[Qemu-devel] Re: persistent tun & different virtual NICs & dead guest ne

From: Avi Kivity
Subject: [Qemu-devel] Re: persistent tun & different virtual NICs & dead guest network
Date: Sun, 05 Apr 2009 14:58:48 +0300
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(cc qemu-devel)

Michael Tokarev wrote:

2 days debugging an.. issue here, and finally got it.
To make the long and painful (it was for me anyway)
story short...

kvm provides a way to control various offload settings
on the "host side" of the tun network device (I mean
the `-net tap' setup) from within guest.  I.e., guest
can set/clear various offload bits according to its

The problem is that different virtual NICs as used by
kvm/qemu expects and sets different offload bits for
the virtual NIC.  And sets only those bits which -
as they "think" - differs from the default (all-off).

This means that when changing virtual NIC model AND
using persistent tun device, it's very likely to get
inconsistent flags.

For example, here's how the offload settings on the
host looks like after using e1000 driver in guest
(freshly created persistent tun device):

 rx-checksumming: on
 tx-checksumming: on
 scatter-gather: on
 tcp segmentation offload: on
 udp fragmentation offload: off
 generic segmentation offload: off
 large receive offload: off

Here's the same setting when using virtio_net

 rx-checksumming: on
 tx-checksumming: off
 scatter-gather: off
 tcp segmentation offload: off
 udp fragmentation offload: off
 generic segmentation offload: off
 large receive offload: off

I.e., only rx-checksumming.  When using virtio_net
from 2.6.29, which supports LRO, it also turns on
large receive offload.

Now, say, I tried a host with e1000 driver, and it
turned on tx, sg and tso bits.  And now I'm trying
to run a guest with new virtio-net NIC instead.  It
turns on lro bit, but the network does not work anyway:
almost any packet that's being sent from host to the
guest has incorrect checksum - because the NIC is marked
as able to do tx-checksumming but it does not do it.
The network is dead.

Now, after trying that and this, not understanding
what's going on etc, let's reboot back with e1000
NIC which worked a few minutes ago... just to discover
that it does not work anymore too!  Because previous
attempt with virtio_net resulted in lro being on, but
the driver does not support it!  So now, we've non-
working network again, and now, it does not matter
which driver we'll try: neither of them will work
because the offload settings are broken.

It's more: one can't control this stuff from the
host side using standard ethtool: it says that
the operation is not supported (I wonder how kvm
performs the settings changes).

The solution here is to re-create the tun device
before changing the virtual NIC model.  But it
isn't always possible, esp. when guests are
being run from non-root user (where persistent
tun devices are most useful).

Can this be fixed somehow please?

I think all the settings should be reset to 0
when opening the tun device.

This should definitely be fixed.  I'll look at writing a patch.

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