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Re: [Qemu-devel] SPARC kernel oops with logging

From: Blue Swirl
Subject: Re: [Qemu-devel] SPARC kernel oops with logging
Date: Tue, 5 May 2009 18:29:51 +0300

On 5/5/09, Gabriel Southern <address@hidden> wrote:
> Hi,
>  When I run qemu-system-sparc with -d in_asm,out_asm the Linux kernel
>  crashes when it tries to initialize the hard drive.  The same hard
>  drive image boots perfectly if I do not include the logging options.
>  The error messages that I receive are shown below.  I'm wondering if
>  the logging is causing some type of acknowledgment to be delayed and
>  this is causing a SCSI operation to timeout.  I've also attached log
>  of the complete console output in case anyone would find it useful.
>  If anyone has ideas about the cause or a possible solution please let
>  me know.

The lines in qemu.log near the crash could be interesting too.

>  %G: ffffffff 04000fe0  00000000 044000e0  f0115c18 49ff53a9  f3274000 
> 00000000

%g0 not equal to zero?

>  %O: f3249400 00000000  f3275a20 f3249484  f3249484 0000000c  f3275980 
> fe62f204
>  RPC: <scsi_device_lookup_by_target+0x44/0x74 [scsi_mod]>

I guess this means that the call to fe62f000 came from fe62f204, which
is in the same page. Strange.

>  %L: 040000e0 fe6362e8  fe6363cc 00000004  00000008 00000000  00000000 
> 0000000a
>  %I: f3249400 00000000  00000000 00000000  00000000 f9828000  f32759e8 
> fe635528
>  Caller[fe635528]: scsi_probe_and_add_lun+0x40/0x9f4 [scsi_mod]
>  Caller[fe63641c]: __scsi_scan_target+0xa8/0x5a8 [scsi_mod]
>  Caller[fe63696c]: scsi_scan_channel+0x50/0x74 [scsi_mod]
>  Caller[fe636a1c]: scsi_scan_host_selected+0x8c/0xd8 [scsi_mod]
>  Caller[fe61ec80]: esp_sbus_probe+0x9f4/0xae8 [esp]
>  Caller[f001ba48]: of_device_probe+0x58/0x74
>  Caller[f01176b4]: driver_probe_device+0x60/0xb8
>  Caller[f0117814]: __driver_attach+0x70/0xc4
>  Caller[f0116f9c]: bus_for_each_dev+0x40/0x74
>  Caller[f0116bec]: bus_add_driver+0x6c/0x134
>  Caller[f004c86c]: sys_init_module+0x1610/0x1778
>  Caller[f0011634]: syscall_is_too_hard+0x3c/0x40
>  Caller[000133b4]: 0x133bc

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