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Re: [Qemu-devel] Regression: more 0.12 regression (SeaBIOS related?)

From: Natalia Portillo
Subject: Re: [Qemu-devel] Regression: more 0.12 regression (SeaBIOS related?)
Date: Tue, 9 Mar 2010 16:09:56 +0000

Sorry, rephrasing:

These of course do not have anything to do (but the scandisk one) with KEYBOARD, however I marked with * the ones that can be a BIOS conflict.

El 09/03/2010, a las 15:41, Natalia Portillo escribió:

*NeXTStep/OpenStep bootloader hangs (Darwin not tested but may be also).
*ScanDisk does not receive keypresses (any at all).
*Windows Me's DOS Microsoft Mouse driver hangs the machine.
*PS/2 mouse not working under Windows Me installation.
*Windows Me blue screens after installation.
A good couple of XFree86 versions do not work as expected with PS/2 mouse (mouse moves randomly, clicks randomly or is dead at all), tested with all PS/2 protocol variants. qemu-system-sparc64 does a segment violation if you enable Realtek RTL8139.

These of course do not have anything to do (but the scandisk one) with SeaBIOS, however I marked with * the ones that can be a BIOS conflict.

El 08/03/2010, a las 02:04, Roy Tam escribió:

Hi all,

I found some regression bugs that seems relate to SeaBIOS and I hope
we can add back booting with Bochs BIOS in git so that we can further
testing that the bug is in SeaBIOS or in QEMU 0.12.
Following list is the regression that I encountered and which works in 0.11.1:

- Windows NT 3.51/4.0 freezes when booting to first stage setup, after
switch screen to 80x50 text mode
- freeze after pressing Enter when booting PC/MS-DOS  1.10 - 1.25
- freeze when booting Enhanced DR-DOS 7.01.08 WIP (23.7.2009) (
http://www.drdosprojects.de/cgi-bin/download.cgi/d090723b.zip )
- can't type correctly in GW-BASIC from DOS 2.0 - 3.31
- keyboard input is ignored when booting Korean edition of MS-DOS 6.20
- can't type correctly in FreeDOS/V (Ver 0138,
http://homepage1.nifty.com/bible/dos/fdos0138.lzh ), getting Illegal
Instruction error when you type something in short period.
- after the termination of qbasic run session, you can't press a key
to go back to editor in "press a key to continue" prompt, you have to
type something not just "press a key". When I modify the program and
press Shift-F5 to start the program, after execution and then exit
qbasic, Shift key modifier still activating, instead of deactivated
after I release Shift key.

If you have another (seems to be SeaBIOS related) 0.12 regression,
please post it here.

Best regards,

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