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Re: [Qemu-devel] qemu-system-sh4 broken again.

From: Roy Tam
Subject: Re: [Qemu-devel] qemu-system-sh4 broken again.
Date: Sat, 13 Mar 2010 16:54:36 +0800

2010/3/13 Rob Landley <address@hidden>:
> Using qemu-system-sh4, this commit:
> e1c09175bc00dd8dfb2ad1b26e1858dcdc109b59 is first bad commit
> commit e1c09175bc00dd8dfb2ad1b26e1858dcdc109b59
> Author: Gerd Hoffmann <address@hidden>
> Date:   Tue Dec 8 13:11:44 2009 +0100
>    zap serial_monitor_mux
>    The logic in this code obviously predates the multiple monitor
>    capability of qemu and looks increasingly silly these days.
>    I think the intention of this piece of code is to get a reasonable
>    default for the -nographic case: have monitor and serial line muxed
>    on stdio.
>    With the new default_serial and default_monitor variables we have now
>    doing just that became much easier ;)
>    Signed-off-by: Gerd Hoffmann <address@hidden>
>    Signed-off-by: Anthony Liguori <address@hidden>
> Made "-serial stdio" now do:
>  chardev: opening backend "stdio" failed
>  qemu: could not open serial device 'stdio': Inappropriate ioctl for device
> Am I using it wrong?
> If I don't override it, I instead get:
>  long read to SH7750_WCR1_A7 (0x000000001f800008) ignored
>  long read to SH7750_WCR2_A7 (0x000000001f80000c) ignored
>  long read to SH7750_WCR3_A7 (0x000000001f800010) ignored
>  long read to SH7750_MCR_A7 (0x000000001f800014) ignored
>  long read to SH7750_MCR_A7 (0x000000001f800014) ignored
>  sh_serial: unsupported read from 0x10
>  qemu-system-sh4: /home/landley/qemu/git/hw/sh_serial.c:285:
>    sh_serial_ioport_read: Assertion `0' failed.
> Is anybody out there actually using the sh4 emulator?  I've gotten it to work
> several times before on various random git snapshots, but never in a release
> version...
> I'd point to the original message that told me to use -serial stdio for qemu-
> system-sh4, but unfortunately your mailing list archive is on lists.gnu.org
> and their robots.txt tells Google not to index them, so your mailing list
> archives aren't googleable.  In fact, there's exactly one hit on the whole of
> lists.gnu.org for "qemu":
>  http://www.google.com/#q=site%3Alists.gnu.org+qemu

instead of searching in list.gnu.org you can search in gmane:

or googling with other mail archives, for example:

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