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[Qemu-devel] [PATCH -V2 00/22] virtio-9p: paravirtual file system passth

From: Aneesh Kumar K.V
Subject: [Qemu-devel] [PATCH -V2 00/22] virtio-9p: paravirtual file system passthrough
Date: Tue, 16 Mar 2010 14:44:58 +0530


This patch series adds a paravirtual file system passthrough mechanism to QEMU
based on the 9P protocol. With the current implementation, all I/O is 
in the VCPU thread.  We've modified the protocol handlers so that we can support
dispatch I/O in a thread pool. The actual thread pool implementation will be 
posted later

This patch set should work with any recent Linux kernel as virtio-9p has been
supported for a few kernel releases now. Export dir is specified using the below
Qemu option.

-device virtio-9p-pci,share_path=/mnt/,mount_tag=v_mnt

mount_tag is used to identify the mount point in the kernel. This will be 
available in Linux
kernel via /sys/devices/virtio-pci/virtio1/mount_tag file.

Changes from V1:
a) fsstress test suite runs successfully with the patches. That should indicate 
patches are stable
enough to be merged.
b) Added proper error handling to all posix_* calls.
c) Fixed code to follow Qemu coding style.
d) Other bug fixes most of which are folded back into the original patches
e) rebased to qemu master 0aef4261ac0ec9089ade0e3a92f986cb4ba7317e


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