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[Qemu-devel] git head broken? (x86 softmmu w/o kvm)

From: Juergen Lock
Subject: [Qemu-devel] git head broken? (x86 softmmu w/o kvm)
Date: Mon, 22 Mar 2010 22:25:24 +0100
User-agent: Mutt/1.5.20 (2009-06-14)


 I just wanted to make another FreeBSD qemu git head snaphot port update,
and found both i386-softmmu and x86_64-softmmu no longer boot, they seem
to hang early in the bios before it prints anything, last tb seems to be
this loop:

0x00000000000f1b8e:  mov    0xf81a0,%ecx
0x00000000000f1b94:  cmp    %ecx,%eax
0x00000000000f1b96:  jne    0xf1b8e

OUT: [size=184]
0x4000e440:  mov    $0xf81a0,%ebp
0x4000e445:  mov    %rbp,%rsi
0x4000e448:  mov    %rbp,%rdi
0x4000e44b:  shr    $0x7,%rsi
0x4000e44f:  and    $0xfffffffffffff003,%rdi
0x4000e456:  and    $0x1fe0,%esi
0x4000e45c:  lea    0x4f8(%rsi,%r14,1),%rsi
0x4000e464:  cmp    (%rsi),%rdi
0x4000e467:  mov    %rbp,%rdi
0x4000e46a:  je     0x4000e477
0x4000e46c:  xor    %esi,%esi
0x4000e46e:  callq  0x51fd30
0x4000e473:  mov    %eax,%ebp
0x4000e475:  jmp    0x4000e47d
0x4000e477:  add    0x18(%rsi),%rdi
0x4000e47b:  mov    (%rdi),%ebp
0x4000e47d:  mov    %ebp,%ebp
0x4000e47f:  mov    %rbp,%rbx
0x4000e482:  mov    (%r14),%r12
0x4000e485:  mov    %rbx,%r13
0x4000e488:  sub    %rbx,%r12
0x4000e48b:  mov    %r12,%rbx
0x4000e48e:  mov    %ebx,%ebx
0x4000e490:  mov    $0x10,%r15d
0x4000e496:  mov    %r15d,0xa0(%r14)
0x4000e49d:  mov    %r13,0x90(%r14)
0x4000e4a4:  mov    %r12,0x98(%r14)
0x4000e4ab:  mov    %rbp,0x8(%r14)
0x4000e4af:  test   %rbx,%rbx
0x4000e4b2:  jne    0x4000e4d8
0x4000e4b8:  jmpq   0x4000e4bd
0x4000e4bd:  mov    $0xf1b98,%ebp
0x4000e4c2:  mov    %rbp,0x80(%r14)
0x4000e4c9:  mov    $0x802c05c80,%rax
0x4000e4d3:  jmpq   0xb65b8e
0x4000e4d8:  jmpq   0x4000e4dd
0x4000e4dd:  mov    $0xf1b8e,%ebp
0x4000e4e2:  mov    %rbp,0x80(%r14)
0x4000e4e9:  mov    $0x802c05c81,%rax
0x4000e4f3:  jmpq   0xb65b8e

 Is 0xf81a0 an io port or how is it supposed to change?  And, can
anyone reproduce this on Linux?  As I said this is without kvm...

 Thanx! :)

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