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[Qemu-devel] weird mouse troubles in latest git

From: Brian Wheeler
Subject: [Qemu-devel] weird mouse troubles in latest git
Date: Fri, 15 Oct 2010 11:28:48 -0400

I'm trying to run openstep 2.4 on the latest git and the mouse hangs
after a few seconds of running.  I turned on debugging some debugging
i8259.c: DEBUG_PIC

I'm still not sure where the problem is, but here's what I've
discovered:  If I filter out all messages except ones with irq=12 I get
this sequence (when using the sdl ui):

* a bunch of set_irq level=1 followed immediately by a level=0 which is
what I'd expect.
* when the mouse hangs, it hangs with a level=1
* hitting ctrl-alt to release focus gives me a bunch of level=1/level=0
pairs along with a bunch of pic_interrupts for irq 12

When I use the vnc ui, I get 2 pairs of "set_irq irq=12 level=1/0"
followed by a pic: pic_interrupt: irq=12.  When I move the mouse into
the vnc window I get the set_irq level = 1 and the mouse is done.

So, is the guest not picking up the interrupts correctly or is there
some problem with the UI not sending mouse requests through if the guest
hasn't handled them?

There are mouse troubles with OS/2 4.0 as well which may be related (the
button stops working but the mouse would still move.

Its not terribly important, but I thought someone should know.

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