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[Qemu-devel] Spice bug with qemu_name

From: Lee Essen
Subject: [Qemu-devel] Spice bug with qemu_name
Date: Fri, 23 Mar 2012 08:10:36 +0000


I think I've found a bug with the way that spice uses qemu_name. 

qemu_name is a char *, that's only set to if "-name" is given (and then the arg 
is strdup'd), otherwise it's not set properly.

In ui/spice_core.c spice_server_set_name() is called with qemu_name, which if 
not set causes a core dump.

-----------------  lwp# 1 / thread# 1  --------------------
 fffffd7fff168090 strlen () + 30
 fffffd7ffa6b5d7e spice_server_set_name () + 2b
 000000000068fab1 qemu_spice_init () + 753
 000000000062a58f main () + 2a31
 0000000000519c5c _start () + 6c
-----------------  lwp# 2 / thread# 2  --------------------
 fffffd7fff1f9b2a __sigtimedwait () + a
 fffffd7fff1e626d sigwait () + d
 fffffd7fff1d1b31 __posix_sigwait () + 31
 000000000057572c sigwait_compat () + 68
 fffffd7fff1f39a3 _thrp_setup () + 83
 fffffd7fff1f3ca0 _lwp_start ()

There's a similar situation with qemu_uuid, however because it's not a pointer 
I'm assuming you end up with all zero's, which is probably ok behaviour.

I haven't provided a patch since I don't really know which way you want to fix 
this ... either provide a sensible default if it's not set, or default to NULL 
and check it in the spice code.



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