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Re: [Qemu-devel] [PATCH v7 25/39] qapi: Require valid names

From: Markus Armbruster
Subject: Re: [Qemu-devel] [PATCH v7 25/39] qapi: Require valid names
Date: Mon, 04 May 2015 09:26:57 +0200
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Eric Blake <address@hidden> writes:

> On 04/29/2015 07:06 AM, Eric Blake wrote:
>> Previous commits demonstrated that the generator overlooked various
>> bad naming situations:
>> - types, commands, and events need a valid name
>> - enum members must be valid names, when combined with prefix
>> - union and alternate branches cannot be marked optional
>> regex, this patch just uses a broader combination that allows both
>> upstream and downstream names, as well as a small hack that
>> realizes that any enum name is merely a suffix to an already valid
>> name prefix (that is, any enum name is valid if prepending _ fits
>> the normal rules).
>> +    # Enum members can start with a digit, because the generated C
>> +    # code always prefixes it with the enum name
>> +    if enum_member:
>> +        membername = "_%s" %membername
>> +    if not valid_name.match(membername):
>> +        raise QAPIExprError(expr_info,
> Python question: Would it be any simpler to write:
> membername = '_' + membername
> and if so, do I need to squash anything in?

I find + easier to read here, even when compare to a correctly spaced
"_%s" % membername.

I think we have enough squash candidates to justify a quick v8.  I'd
prefer that, as I I haven't checked v7 anyway :)

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