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Re: [Qemu-devel] [PATCH 4/4] gtk: add opengl support, using egl

From: Max Reitz
Subject: Re: [Qemu-devel] [PATCH 4/4] gtk: add opengl support, using egl
Date: Wed, 20 May 2015 16:16:48 +0200
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On 20.05.2015 16:14, Gerd Hoffmann wrote:

I can't give any R-b, because that would require really digging into
Gtk... The code is pretty similar to the SDL code, though (not by
chance I guess),
Indeed ;)

  so it looks fine to me. If it would compile, that is, see below.

(It does work with Gtk 2, though)

((at least on my laptop with mesa; on my desktop with fglrx, creating
the shader fails, which may or may not have to do something with
"libEGL warning: DRI2: failed to authenticate" (which is probably in
turn my own fault for using a proprietary driver)))
Could also be selinux.

Except I don't use SELinux (here). I know, I know, shame on me.

+#if defined(CONFIG_OPENGL)
+    if (display_opengl) {
+        gtk_widget_set_double_buffered(vc->gfx.drawing_area, FALSE);
gcc said:
qemu/ui/gtk.c:1742:9: Fehler: »gtk_widget_set_double_buffered« is
deprecated (declared at /usr/include/gtk-3.0/gtk/gtkwidget.h:896)
Yep, that is a bit awkward.

Deprecated because gtk_widget_set_double_buffered() doesn't work with
the wayland backend.  The switch simply doesn't make sense with the
wayland rendering pipeline, and the egl rendering might not work on
wayland because of that (/me didn't try).

Right, but we cannot really tell gtk that we know what we're doing. :-)

Nevertheless gtk_widget_set_double_buffered() is required to make gl
rendering work (on X11 backend), for versions older than 3.16.  On 3.16+
we can use the opengl support provided by gtk instead.  Code for that
still needs to be written though.

Yep, that's what I thought of, too. But the problem is, as you yourself say, that 3.14 < 3.16...


But then again it didn't compile before, either: qemu/ui/gtk.c:1927:5:
Fehler: »gdk_cursor_new« is deprecated (declared
at /usr/include/gtk-3.0/gdk/gdkcursor.h:223)
Saw your patch for that, thanks.

gtk_widget_set_double_buffered() was deprecated in 3.14 already (as
far as I can see from the header file alone).
They should have done that in 3.16 IMO ...


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