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[Qemu-devel] [PATCH v3 3/4] rocker: bring link up/down on PHY enable/dis

From: sfeldma
Subject: [Qemu-devel] [PATCH v3 3/4] rocker: bring link up/down on PHY enable/disable
Date: Fri, 29 May 2015 07:01:48 -0700

From: Scott Feldman <address@hidden>

When the OS driver enables/disables the port, go ahead and set the port's
link status to up/down in response to the change.  This more closely
emulates real hardware when the PHY for the port is brought up/down
and the PHY negotiates carrier (link status) with link partner.  In
the case of qemu, the virtual rocker device can't really do link
negotiation with the link partner as that requires signally over a
physical medium (the wire), so just pretend the negotiation was
successful and bring the link up when the port is enabled.

Signed-off-by: Scott Feldman <address@hidden>
Reviewed-by: Stefan Hajnoczi <address@hidden>
 hw/net/rocker/rocker_fp.c |   12 ++++++++++++
 1 file changed, 12 insertions(+)

diff --git a/hw/net/rocker/rocker_fp.c b/hw/net/rocker/rocker_fp.c
index 393e9e7..29a2b68 100644
--- a/hw/net/rocker/rocker_fp.c
+++ b/hw/net/rocker/rocker_fp.c
@@ -178,8 +178,19 @@ bool fp_port_enabled(FpPort *port)
     return port->enabled;
+static void fp_port_set_link(FpPort *port, bool up)
+    NetClientState *nc = qemu_get_queue(port->nic);
+    if (up == nc->link_down) {
+        nc->link_down = !up;
+        nc->info->link_status_changed(nc);
+    }
 void fp_port_enable(FpPort *port)
+    fp_port_set_link(port, true);
     port->enabled = true;
     DPRINTF("port %d enabled\n", port->index);
@@ -187,6 +198,7 @@ void fp_port_enable(FpPort *port)
 void fp_port_disable(FpPort *port)
     port->enabled = false;
+    fp_port_set_link(port, false);
     DPRINTF("port %d disabled\n", port->index);

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