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Re: [qemu-s390x] [Qemu-devel] [PATCH 3/3] s390x: deprecate s390-squash-m

From: Halil Pasic
Subject: Re: [qemu-s390x] [Qemu-devel] [PATCH 3/3] s390x: deprecate s390-squash-mcss machine prop
Date: Tue, 5 Dec 2017 13:05:11 +0100
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On 12/05/2017 09:41 AM, Thomas Huth wrote:
> On 01.12.2017 15:31, Halil Pasic wrote:
>> With the cssids unrestricted (commit <COMMIT HERE> "s390x/css: unrestrict
>> cssids") the s390-squash-mcss machine property should not be used.
>> Actually libvirt never supported this, so the expectation is that
>> removing it should be pretty painless.  But let's play nice and deprecate
>> it first.
>> Signed-off-by: Halil Pasic <address@hidden>
>> ---
> [...]
>> diff --git a/qemu-doc.texi b/qemu-doc.texi
>> index db2351c746..874432d87c 100644
>> --- a/qemu-doc.texi
>> +++ b/qemu-doc.texi
>> @@ -2501,6 +2501,14 @@ enabled via the ``-machine usb=on'' argument.
>>  The ``-nodefconfig`` argument is a synonym for ``-no-user-config``.
>> address@hidden -machine virtio-ccw,s390-squash-mcss=on|off (since 2.12.0)
> The machine is called "s390-ccw-virtio", not "virtio-ccw". Anyway, I
> think you could also rather omit the machine name here (since it is the
> default) and just write "-machine s390-squash-mcss=on|off".
>  Thomas

Good catch! Regarding omitting the machine name, I was surprised that
it works, but it does. Our documentation is a bit strange on this: we
document the machine name as non-optional:
"-machine [type=]name[,prop=value[,...]]"
but then use -machine prop=value in the deprecation section (that's
with no name).

Since the documentation doesn't make it clear that the property is
existent only for the s390-ccw-virtio family of the machines I think
being your suggestion has a lot of charm. @Connie: do you agree to
removing the machine name (type)?


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