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Re: [Qexo-general] Canonical XML Output - possible bug?

From: Craig Munday
Subject: Re: [Qexo-general] Canonical XML Output - possible bug?
Date: Mon, 25 Aug 2003 14:31:46 +1000


It looks like the second instance of the XMLPrinter class is constructed
during a call to write-to().  Here is a stack trace from the second
construction.  The first construction XMLPrinter( Consumer out ) occurs
inside the make() method.

XMLPrinter( Consumer out )
_bin.xql:39:76: warning - old-style KindTest - first one here
XMLPrinter( PrintConsumer out, boolean autoFlush )
java.lang.Exception: Second Construction
        at gnu.xml.XMLPrinter.<init>(XMLPrinter.java:44)
        at gnu.kawa.xml.WriteTo.writeTo(WriteTo.java:18)
        at gnu.kawa.xml.WriteTo.apply2(WriteTo.java:25)
        at atInteractiveLevel.apply(Unknown Source)
        at gnu.mapping.CallContext.runUntilDone(CallContext.java:258)
        at gnu.expr.ModuleExp.evalModule(ModuleExp.java:188)
        at kawa.Shell.run(Shell.java:232)
        at kawa.standard.load.loadSource(load.java:162)
        at kawa.standard.load.apply(load.java:275)
        at kawa.Shell.runFile(Shell.java:295)
        at kawa.repl.processArgs(repl.java:231)
        at kawa.repl.main(repl.java:593)


Per wrote:
I'm not sure what you're trying to say - certainly it isn't possible for a
object to be "constructed twice". Perhaps some method is being called twice?
Or do you mean two different XMLPrinter objects are being constructed, and
we're using the wrong one? If so, when is this heppening? Simple
command-line usage seems to work: java kawa.repl --output-format xml
--xquery (: 1 :) <a/> <a></a> 

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