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Re: [Qexo-general] New XQuery article

From: Weiqi Gao
Subject: Re: [Qexo-general] New XQuery article
Date: 29 Dec 2003 07:53:31 -0600

On Mon, 2003-12-29 at 04:59, Jun Yu wrote:
> Hello Weiqi,
> Very nice to read your article. Especially I have interest about the
> discussion of Saxon and Qexo. I hope there is more detailed
> description.

Thanks for the feedback.  Unfortunately I don't have the space to
discuss features of Saxon or Qexo that's not part of XQuery proper.

> Currently I am using Qexo to develop a project which is similar to a web
> site. I reference the article "Generating XML and HTML using XQuery"
> (written by Per Bothner).
> Qexo is only partial implementation. Many XQuery
> functions are not implemented. For instance,
> distinct-values(),and so on.
> I really need its extend functions such as request-parameter(),
> write-to(). But it does not have "#include".

I always look at the bright side, especially on a Free Software project
like Qexo.  You can already do a tremendous amount of things with the
Kawa/Qexo combination.

Ultimately, we as developers have to decide if it fits the needs of our
project.  I don't worry too much about missing features from the spec as
long as the basics are there and robust, and as long as the truly needed
features are discovered and added.

> I never used Saxon. You said Saxon is a complete implementation of
> XQuery.

In the sense that all expressions and functions are implemented.

> I do not know whether you know enough about Saxon.  Saxon has
> similar extend function ? I need to use GET/POST method, create or write a
> file, and so on. Can I use Saxon instead of Qexo ?

I don't know the answer to these questions.  Saxon has always been
minimalistic, so I doubt if you can find a GET/POST handler there.

Weiqi Gao

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