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Re: [Qexo-general] Error: Overflow in label fixup

From: Per Bothner
Subject: Re: [Qexo-general] Error: Overflow in label fixup
Date: Fri, 24 Sep 2004 20:17:52 -0700
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Seshukumar Venkata Adiraju wrote:

Find attached the sample XQuery I'm using. XQuery expression is in line

This is not a "complete self-contained test" since neither $doc nor
$links are defined.  The current version of Qexo will emit compile-time
errors, which will abort the compilation.

I'm fairly confident that the problem is that Qexo tries to generate
a method that is larger than the JVM allows.  Fixing this in Kawa is
possible, but non-trivial:  Kawa has to move large sub-expressions
into a separate method.

A more limited approach would be to use a more compact way of compiling
XQuery element constructors, especially ones that are constant.

I don't know when/if I'll have time to look for a fix.  I suggest you
look for another way to solve your problem.  Since I don't know the
problem, I can't really suggest a fix.  I'm guessing XSLT may be more
suitable than XQuery in this case.
        --Per Bothner
address@hidden   http://per.bothner.com/

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