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Re: [RP] altgr support

From: Martin Samuelsson
Subject: Re: [RP] altgr support
Date: Tue, 6 Mar 2001 12:31:49 +0100
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On Mon, Mar 05, 2001 at 11:39:37PM -0800, shawn wrote:
> So I've added some support for altgr (as far as I can tell). Its on
> the rel-0-1-0 branch. We plan to fix altgr and release 0.1.1. This is
> why its on the 0.1.0 branch.

all i can say is that it doesn't work for me. but i guess that's because i get 
the wrong version out of cvs. my version string says 0.2.0-cvs.

shouldn't this line do the trick?

"cvs -b rel-0-1-0 -z3 -d:pserver:address@hidden:/cvsroot/ratpoison co ratpoison"

the localhost part actually means cvs.ratpoison.sourceforge.net

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