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[RP] .ratpoisonrc - started named windows

From: michael
Subject: [RP] .ratpoisonrc - started named windows
Date: Sat Oct 12 02:24:02 2002
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When I used screen, I had this in my .screenrc

screen -h 5000 -t em    1 bash -c emacs-nox
screen -h 5000 -t www   2 /usr/bin/lynx /usr/local/doc
screen -h 5000 -t sn    4 bash
screen -h 5000 -t bash1 5 bash -c su
screen -h 5000 -t ssh   6 bash -c ssh-agent bash
screen -h 5000 -t bash2 7 bash
screen -h 5000 -t mutt  3 bash -c mutt

I would like to do something similar in .ratpoisonrc

However, I have not been able to do this.
I can exec gnome-terminal and emacs.
But I cannot name them, or order them properly by using the .screenrc
(I can via the colon commands).  

Could someone share their .screenrc which shows how to order and
number your startup windows?

Thank you,

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