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[RP] Memory issues in 1.1.1

From: Brian
Subject: [RP] Memory issues in 1.1.1
Date: Mon Oct 14 19:54:05 2002
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I have the typical KDE-bloated desktop, and thought I would
give rp a try.  v1.1.1 built flawlessly...modified my
~/.xinitrc so that WINDOWMANAGER was pointing to the rp
executable...started a new X session with KDM, and...

Runaway!  rp proceeded to chew up just about all of my 256M
of RAM, along with a substantial portion of my swap space,
before I was able to shut it down.  (Needless to say, this
was no small task.)

I figured I would try a couple of different compilation
options, but the same result, every time.  So I downloaded
the 1.1.0 version...and it works fine (in fact I'm typing
this as I figure stuff out).

So does anybody have a clue what the abnormal memory issue
was?  It was almost as if something was re-spawning
itself...it took only a few seconds before RAM (and most of
my swap space) was exhausted.

At any rate, 1.1.0 looks like it might fit the bill, but I
am curious about the 1.1.1 issue...


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