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keylaunch (was:Re: [RP] Re: Using 'Window' key as prefix)

From: Joost Kremers
Subject: keylaunch (was:Re: [RP] Re: Using 'Window' key as prefix)
Date: Wed Oct 16 14:51:02 2002
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> A possible workaround, is to use the program called keylaunch.
> You can configure it to launch ratpoison for issuing a command 
> on a certain ratpoison-unrelated key stroke.

keylaunch works very nice, i use it for the "multi media" keys on my
keyboard. there's a small bug in it, though: it doesn't close its
config file after reading it. which is especially annoying because it
rereads its config file every time it has been changed, opening it

it's an easy fix, though. i notified the maintainer but haven't heard
back from him (yet?)

Joost Kremers
University of Nijmegen, The Netherlands
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