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Re: [RP] Dead keys now working / Documentation

From: Joost Kremers
Subject: Re: [RP] Dead keys now working / Documentation
Date: Thu Oct 17 06:10:02 2002
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On Thu, Oct 17, 2002 at 12:59:03PM +0000, Simon White wrote:
> Thanks for your help. I can now dô all the accénts that I want.
> The only thing that I am now thinking about is where KDE executed a
> loadkeys or something, aside from the XF86Config file, as a sort of
> internal KDE keyboard setup which doesn't affect the X server or
> something. Still, I can leave such forensics for a time when I have more
> slack.

KDE has its own keyboard module, which makes use of X's keyboard
module xkb. however, KDE runs xkb with its own settings *after* X has
run xkb, so KDE's settings override the X config. you can disable this
in the control panel, section input devices/keyboard.
> OK - so onto another question. The documentation is pretty slim for
> ratpoison, I know that basically it's not for beginners anyway and I
> have worked it all out quite nicely, but is there a project for an FAQ
> or a little "Getting started" guide just to point people in the right
> direction

have you read the man page? it may be a bit terse for newbies, but all
necessary info is in it, i think.

> and maybe help then if they go to runlevel 5 and want
> ratpoison in their WM options from the KDE login, for example...

this is a KDE issue: if you log into KDE as root (or maybe if you do
kdesu or whatever it's called) you can add a wm to the list KDM shows
you. don't know the details, though.

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