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Re: [RP] One command to unbind them all?

From: Stephane Chauveau
Subject: Re: [RP] One command to unbind them all?
Date: Thu Oct 17 13:06:05 2002
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Jonathan Walther wrote:

On Thu, Oct 17, 2002 at 09:04:54PM +0200, Stephane Chauveau wrote:

I have a modified version in which the prefix is replaced by the Windows
modifier (see my patch in the thread "Using Window key as prefix"). I find it really convenient because keystroke are now accessible using a single key sequence (instead of prefix + key) so they are twice as fast.

Ah. I have been using first, keylaunch, and then xbindkeys to get this
kind of functionality.  Perhaps you could try this, and tell me if that
works just as well?

Works fine.
Thanks. That should solve my problems.

Most ratpoison keystrokes are not really dangerous but they can be a bit
disturbing when you don't expect them. That's why I want to remove all keystrokes and remap the ones I want to keys I do not use too much in other applications (emacs, terminals, ...).

Ok, this should be done with a minor patch and a bit of shellscript.  If
there isn't already, maybe you could make a keybindings command, which
will print to stdout a list of all the current keybindings, one per line?
Then you could take them and "ratpoison -c unbind" them one at a time.

Huu!! wouldn't it be easier to create a command unbind_all?
static int
unbind_all (void)
 int i;
 for (i=0; i<key_actions_last; i++)  {
      free (key_actions[i].data) ;
 key_actions_last = 0 ;


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