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Re: [RP] vmware

From: Eduard Werner
Subject: Re: [RP] vmware
Date: Fri Oct 25 14:33:05 2002

> I have read the postings about the problems with VMWARE
> and tried the "workaround" in conf.h to make it unmanaged.

That's at least what I am using. It's perfectly ok with me.
The only thing I don't like is that it won't show up in the
window list, but maybe this has changed (I'm using rp 1.1).

> problems? If I cannot get VMWARE to work to my satisfaction
> I don't mind buying codeweavers but I would like to know
> ahead of time and haven't seen info about it yet.

I have to use wine for a certain project and it's ok for me.
What *is* your problem?

> By the way I really like ratpoison if the developers are
> reading this. I don't often find things that are developed
> with my needs in mind. I am a LONG time Unix user and
> don't much like the bloat of recent windowmanagers.

I second this.



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