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[RP] Re: useful .ratpoisonrc one-liner?

From: Björn Lindström
Subject: [RP] Re: useful .ratpoisonrc one-liner?
Date: Sat Oct 26 02:30:04 2002
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John Arundel <address@hidden> [021024 16:02]:
> I use the following to check if new mail has arrived, being so addicted
> to RP that I've thrown away all those little graphical mailbox applets

I have this in the beginning of my .procmailrc:

:0 c
| ratpoison -c 'echo New mail.' 2>&1 > /dev/null && true

The advantages of this is that I that I see that I have new mail
as soon at is arrives, and that it works even if the mail is
delivered to some other mailbox than the main spool (without
having to grep through 30MB of mail).

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