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Re: [RP] [PATCH] frame split enhancement

From: Jay Belanger
Subject: Re: [RP] [PATCH] frame split enhancement
Date: Wed Nov 20 09:28:01 2002
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Ryan Yeske <address@hidden> writes:

> > split 4 1
> > caused all sort of problems, while
> > split 4/1
> > and friends did nothing at all.
> "split 4 1" is interpreted as "split 4" which means that you want to
> make the current window 4 pixels tall.
> It looks like the ratios must be < 1.  So split 4/1 does nothing.
> Also negative values have no effect on ratios.

I just tried the latest CVS ratpoison, and now I'm getting exactly
the behavior that Ryan mentions.
I just figured out that it's behaving the way it is supposed to.
The manual says:
     N is either a ratio of the form `x/y' or a number. If it is a
     ratio then the two frames are sized according to the ratio.
I had taken "the two frames are sized according to the ratio" to mean
the ratio of the sizes of the two frames will be the ratio of x to y.
I now know it means that the two frames will be split in the ratio of
(x/y) to 1-(x/y); i.e., the frame will be reduced to (x/y) of its
former size.  Is it just me, or is the manual a bit confusing here?
(Note that often in these situations, it's just me.)


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