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Re: [RP] complile-time bindable

From: twb
Subject: Re: [RP] complile-time bindable
Date: Wed Apr 9 02:32:05 2003

>  Joe Corneli <address@hidden> writes:
>  > Remember some of us use Dvorak, so perhaps compile time should have a
>  > -dvorak option so that things like hjkl are mapped to convenient things.
>  > Maybe dhtn?
>  I thought hjkl was made for Dvorak :)
>  > But really I tend to think it is better to make everything easily
>  > remappable rather than bound at compile time...
>  Indeed.
>  Ryan

I have to disagree.  Much as I think dynamic config is important, RP
is small and simple enough that it is better to do most config at
compile time (on single-user systems anyway).  This is because you get
a faster binary (significantly, I presume), and less bloat.  If RP
took days to recompile (like mozilla or emacs) then i'd agree.  Adding
to RP run-time binding config for internal functions should not be a
high priority.


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