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Re: [RP] new fdump structure may affect scripts

From: Joe Corneli
Subject: Re: [RP] new fdump structure may affect scripts
Date: Thu Nov 25 01:12:06 2004

   Quoth Joe Corneli on or about 2004-11-24:
   >     Of course, data takes the form '(elements)', so it depends on
   >    whether we're planning on writing scripts that say (make-frame
   >    (read)) or (eval (read))
   > I don't think anyone is going to write `(eval (read))'.  It is
   > standard practice to use the CAR of a list of data as an identifier to
   > tell you what sort of data you are looking at, and to set up basic
   > type-checking.

   My apologies.  I'm still new to Lisp.

lisp is new to you
(and me too)
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