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Re: [RP] some feature requests

From: FEJF
Subject: Re: [RP] some feature requests
Date: Wed, 28 Dec 2005 02:26:20 +0100
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Aaron Griffin, on Wednesday, 28. December 2005 00:46 wrote:

> * Ability to toggle transient mode.  This one is harder to explain,
> but when I'm already in firefox, I'd like to force all additional
> firefox windows to be marked as transient, so that certain popups
> remain their initial size.  For example, I use the del.icio.us plugin
> for firefox alot, and having the popup maximize itself is a bit
> irritating, especially when I want to see the page to fill out the
> 'description' field.

i also wanted that feature and implemented it some weeks ago:
http://ratpoison.elektrubadur.se/FEJFPatch  -> patch4 :)
> * Virtual desktops / workspaces / whatever you call it.  Right now, I
> use groups for this, and it works great if you're only using maximized
> windows, however, throw in a split, an gnext/gprev will switch the
> group *in that split* only.  This behavior doesn't seem all that
> intuitive, at least to me.

what about:
http://ratpoison.elektrubadur.se/rpvd.sh (i never tested it)

> * An 'exec' menu similar to vim's wildmenu.  This would be *very* nice
> to have, though this can be done in a seperate app, it'd be quicker if
> the completions were cached inside ratpoison... though I guess you
> could always have an external app never die, but just unmap itself...

what does this wildmenu look like? (i use vim but never heard of that :P).

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