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[RP] gsmenu and mousetoxin

From: Zed Lopez
Subject: [RP] gsmenu and mousetoxin
Date: Tue, 13 Jul 2010 10:11:06 -0700

I don't see that they've been mentioned, so here are a couple of
projects of interest.

gsmenu is based on Xmonad's gridselect. It's sort of a more graphic
(but not in a bad way, I feel) dmenu. It's almost certainly much
easier for selecting among a large number of open windows than the
dsrat/dsratmenu scripts I posted recently.


mousetoxin, by the same person, is a re-implementation of ratpoison in
Haskell. (I haven't looked at or tried to compile it, and have no idea
what state it's in.)


Here's a script that uses gsmenu to select among ratpoison windows.
There's a zillion different ways you could use it, though -- for
instance, color code by resource class, or tag (the basis for matching
the elements to your keyboard input) by some criteria other than
window title or resource class.

#!/usr/bin/env perl
use IPC::Open2;
my ($input, $output);
my @windows = map { [split /\\000/] } split /\n/, `ratpoison -c
"windows %c\\000%t\\000%n"`;
open2($input, $output, 'gsmenu -c -e');
print $output qq{name="$_->[0]" "$_->[1]" tags="$_->[0]" "$_->[1]"\n}
for @windows;
close $output;
my $i = <$input>;
exec qq{ratpoison -c "select $windows[$i][2]"}

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