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Re: [RP] Mouse cursor disappears in some programs

From: sermag
Subject: Re: [RP] Mouse cursor disappears in some programs
Date: Wed, 27 Jul 2011 20:23:22 +0300
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I have recorded a video with xvidcap that shows what kind of problem I am experiencing. It is available for download in the following link:
(Sorry about using a 3rd party service, but I didn`t have any other place to upload it.)

On 27/07/11 00:16, sermag wrote:
Although I have used Ratpoison only for a short time I have to admit that I quite like it. Everything works fine except there is one glitch and I hope that you can help me fix it. When I launch programs like Deluge and Liferea (and some other) my mouse cursor disappears. I can highlight, select and click on things but only blindly. When I press Ctrl-T the mouse cursor shows up (as a box instead of the default appearance of course) but if I cancel this mode it again disappears. In other programs, e.g. Firefox, the mouse cursor shows up fine and does not disappear. But when I am presented with a file download location selection window in Firefox the mouse cursor again disappears. I have searched on Google for a solution for this problem but could not find any relevant information. The Ratpoison IRC channel was fairly quiet on this problem (but I have to admit that maybe I didn't stay there long enough). I doubt that this has anything to do with my .ratpoisonrc because this problem exists even without a .ratpoisonrc present.
If any more information is needed I'll be happy to supply it.

Best regards,

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