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[rdiff-backup-users] HFS+ Resource Fork Patch

From: Daniel Hazelbaker
Subject: [rdiff-backup-users] HFS+ Resource Fork Patch
Date: Mon, 14 Jul 2003 19:57:21 -0700
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Greetings again everybody,

    I have compiled a patch against 0.12.0 for supported HFS+ resource forks
as metadata. (unless somebody has a better way to store the occasional 200K+
metadata resource fork file lines, its stored as hex at the moment).  I have
run this on a few small directories and it seems to work fine.  Again,
however, my knowledge of python is not great so there is some cleanup that
can be done and I am not sure if I have patched all the "points of access"
that I need to to make sure resource forks are always worked with under an
HFS+ environment.  If somebody could take a look at this and give me some
feedback on any changes that should be made that would be wonderful.

    In theory (there is a great idea for programmers) this _should_ work if
the #if 1 statements in the cmodule.c file are changed to #if 0. (like I
said, this still has some cleanup to do). But anyway, if those are changed
then in theory rdiff-backup should work like normal without resource forks.

Again, please CC me, thanks

Daniel Hazelbaker
Network Administrator
High Desert Church

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