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[rdiff-backup-users] Again with the web interface...

From: David Evans
Subject: [rdiff-backup-users] Again with the web interface...
Date: Mon, 05 Jul 2004 11:27:48 -0400
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Sorry I dropped out of the loop there for a while. My wife just gave birth to our first baby boy, so this took a back seat for a while.

I am definitely going to go ahead and set up a sourceforge page. But first, I will have to do some SERIOUS sorting out with the code as it stands. It doesn't do the logins properly, and I think despite my best efforts I might have hard-coded some paths etc into it. It will probably take a couple of weeks

Also, I need a name! No, not for the baby... At the moment I've more or less settled on the effective-but-boring rdiff-backup-web, but if anyone can think up of something a little more exciting, I'm open to suggestion.

Ian, David, I would very much appreciate a look at your code, and would be delighted to incorporate it into this app, especially the SSH stuff. But, if you can bear with me for a couple of weeks until I get this sorted out, then I'll let you incorporate it yourself ;-) And if you are interested at this early stage, I will go through mine quickly (to remove the passwords etc) and send you what I have so far.

In the mean time, I have a couple of screenshots of what I have done so far. See www.shannonmro.com/rdiff-backup-web

This actually works, and is fairly reliable as long as you treat it right (ie, it's not hacker proof). Here is what I hope to do in the not too distant future:
- Support for different backup methods
- PROPER logins, with cookies and sessions and all that jazz
- A tidier way of displaying the backed up files, with a proper tree structure, rather than a list of files including their full paths - and of course eventually things like logos, i18n language support, other things that people put in these lists but never develop...

So, if everyone will bear with me for a while, I will sort out some documentation and make sure that it installs peoperly on a system before putting it up onto sourceforge.


David Evans

PS: Is this the right place to be discussing this?

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