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Re: [rdiff-backup-users] Rdiff-backup with untrusted remote hosts (encry

From: Gavin
Subject: Re: [rdiff-backup-users] Rdiff-backup with untrusted remote hosts (encrypted backup)
Date: Sat, 09 Aug 2008 14:14:51 +1000
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Yes I have had need for this too, both solutions you mentioned (encrypted remote fs and duplicity) are the best tools I could find.
So what I ended up with was a local /backup using rdiff-backup and then backing that up to remote host using duplicity.
Backupninja is great for tailoring a backup system using bash scripts, rdiff-backup, duplicity, myslq dumps and more.


ahd71 wrote:

I suppose that I'm not alone having this requirement - how do you solve it?

I have been searching for month for an optimal way to do backups. The nearest I have come (and always returns to) is rdiff-backup which have all feature I want - except the possibility to encrypt files saved at the remote host. In some case I do not trust the remote end and wants to have my information encrypted in some way.

I know that duplicity handles the encryption part in a way I like but as it is much data over a relative slow wan link i can not use full backups (more then once!) and want the great incrementel backup of rdiff-backup without having to store all increments forever (and use all of them in case of a restore).

The encryption requirement must not be solved by rdiff-backup alone !!!

One possibility that I have though about is to combine it with a encrypted filesystem at the remote end. In that case I suppose I have to login via SSH after remote end reboot to enter the password to mount the encrypted filesystem (and that's acceptable)

As I wrote initially, I suppose that I'm not alone having this requirement - how do you solve it?

BR /ahd71

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