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Re: [rdiff-backup-users] rdiff-backup completes without errors, but then

From: Jason Spalding
Subject: Re: [rdiff-backup-users] rdiff-backup completes without errors, but then have a corrupt archive... [Scanned]
Date: Mon, 30 Mar 2009 19:41:36 +1030
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Does rdiff-backup need the use compatible timestamps option on the -l? Or at
least override-chars? Is it possible that the other two options have figured
it out but the cygwin port hasn't caught on when you try for -l ? Can you
upgrade to the development version?

The other option would be can you use ssh to loop back on yourself with an
rdiff-backup --server not as an answer but as a work around?

Non rdiff-backup note: If you can SSH you can port forward and open RDP on
the machine with SSH tunneling (the -L command) if you prefer, then you can
use the native port all you like.

-- Jason

On 30/3/09 6:09 PM, "address@hidden"
<address@hidden> wrote:

> One more note, if it makes any difference.
> ---
> Under cygwin, it will continue to make diffs, and show multiple
> increments in the rdiff-backup-data directory. (i.e. It won't
> complain about an incomplete backup, and try to regress the state. It
> will continue to make additional diffs, but then choke when you
> attempt to list them [or anything else I've tried.])
> ---
> The native Windows version will create fine, as referenced before,
> and will list the increments fine.
> However, the cygwin version can't see any valid rdiff archive in the
> directory created by the native windows version. But then attempting
> to re-list then under the native Windows version works fine.
> ---
> Next:
> On the flip side, creating a rdiff (same source/dest) under Cygwin
> and then attempting to list is a bust. However, then listing that
> same rdiff repository (created under cygwin) with the Windows
> version shows it working fine, as does a "--verify-at-time now"
> ---
> I'm using this same cygwin setup on XP with no problems at all, and I
> guess I could switch to the Windows native port, but doing any remote
> SSH stuff isn't nearly as easy that way, so I'd prefer to get cygwin
> working...
> ---
> Addl facts:
> Source and dest are two different drives in the same system.
> Tested on two different w2003 setups using different hardware.
> No unusual RAID or anything else to contend with.
> Drives appear to function just fine.
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