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Re: [rdiff-backup-users] how to shrink/purge/truncate the metadata file

From: Adrian Klaver
Subject: Re: [rdiff-backup-users] how to shrink/purge/truncate the metadata file (and the file_statistics file)?
Date: Sun, 3 Jan 2010 16:59:51 -0800
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On Sunday 03 January 2010 4:43:58 pm =JeffH wrote:
> My rdiff-backup-data/mirror_metadata.*.snapshot.gz file seems to grow
> without bound, even though I have perodically used --remove-older-than to
> remove a number of prior increments. I.e. I expected --remove-older-than to
> shrink/purge/truncate the metadata file (as well as the file_statistics
> file), but this seems to not be the case. So eventually my backup disk
> fills up.
> Is there any way to get rdiff-backup to automagically shrink/purge/truncate
> those files, e.g. when employing --remove-older-than ?

Are you sure that --remove-older-than is actually completing? If there is more 
than one increment to be removed at a time and the --force switch is not used 
then the increments will not be removed.  You might want to do a 
rdiff-backup -l /backup/dir to see if in fact the increments have been removed.

> If not, the only way I know to address the issue is to delete everything on
> my backup disk when it gets near full, and the start all over with an
> effectively full initial backup. This seems suboptimal for various reasons.
> I'm using rdiff-backup 1.1.5
> thanks for any insight/help folks may be able to offer.
> =JeffH
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Adrian Klaver

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