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Re: [Oracle Forms replacement] Ways to start this project

From: Andrew Russell
Subject: Re: [Oracle Forms replacement] Ways to start this project
Date: Wed, 7 Mar 2012 08:44:45 +1300

Yes absolutely, replacing formss is a massive task.
I am a 20year veteran developing in forms and i have some thoughts.
The corporations that have an exising forms infrastructure. They have been running their forms for years they like the dev speed and the tight linking with the db. They hate the desupport cycle and waiting till oracle end of lifes forms. With no clear migration path that handles the massive codebase they are stuck.
They will not accept an immature project as a replacement so that gives us 5 years or so before we need to consider their needs.

On Mar 7, 2012 3:40 AM, <address@hidden> wrote:

On Saturday, March 03, 2012 12:52:33 AM Jaroslaw Staniek wrote:

> On 1 March 2012 14:20, Mihail Daskalov <address@hidden> wrote:

> > Probably <quote>‘Oracle Forms has the ability to use another database

> > because of its transaction and database triggers replacement.’

> >

> > </quote> refers to the old “Oracle Open Client Adapter for ODBC”. You

> > can see this topic

> >

> >

> > Unfortunately it is no longer developed or supported (AFAIK).

> >

> > Oracle Forms (actually Procedure builder component) included a Client

> > implementation of the PLSQL language (yes PLSQL is not only Oracle

> > Server language).

> >

> > The lack of FREE client runtime is major problem with Oracle Forms and

> > Oracle ADF. Once Oracle Forms Runtime Client/Server was free (no cost)

> > for use. Then it was desupported and only Forms Server (iAS Enterprise

> > Edition) was left. Then BC4J and JDeveloper emerged as some

> > alternative, which was later named ADF Swing. It was still client

> > server, but WAS NOT FREE. Now it is also being desupported (in

> > JDeveloper and 11.1.2), with only ADF JSF left, which is not

> > client server.

> >

> > The only commercial alternatives I know for Client/Server programs are

> > Java with Swing and JDBC (possibly there are some frameworks that help

> > a little), and Microsoft .NET with Windows Forms components, or

> > eventually LINQ , Entity Framework and Silvelight (but at the MS sight

> > things are quite fragile in my opinion also).

> >

> > It would be good to have something on which to start building upon a

> > Free toolkit for Client Server programs.

> Hi,

> Thanks for outlining the taste of Oracle's business. Here's my take.


> I believe the Free World has no visible interest in a free ~1-to-1

> replacement for such tools (tools that once became popular because of

> their freeware aspect). That is because developing replacements of

> something that changes itself is always a short-term goal and

> potential success is not very rewarding. The Free World seeks for

> stability - products that can be utilized for years, software

> developed on current and near-future requirements.


There are other forms products in the world for which a replacement is wanted - on VMS there is DecForms - most often found in the FIMS language .IFDL file.


afaik - there is no equivalent forms definition language for ncurses or anything else into which one could readily change this very capable forms definitions (and function exits) into a linkable object on Linux.


Agreed taking on all of Oracle Forms is a big task - perhaps this smaller task is a more suitable goal?



> The trouble for me is that out of all consultants that would be

> natural partners for such a free initiative some wouldn't dream of

> stability/predictability of software components since their success

> lies in their knowledge of tools that are affected by changes. Some

> others are in gray area but they rarely seem to be early adopters what

> makes it hard to gain momentum (users are welcome contributors in

> FOSS).


> Conversely, most of the free software enthusiasts are not interested

> in this kind of tools. So unless someone does really solid 'market

> research', I am afraid we're left without any large group of interest

> but with fair amount of wishful thinking. This is why I would suggest

> taking less ambitious challenges so goals can be achieved before

> situation (especially technology) changes again in a painful way.


> --

> regards / pozdrawiam, Jaroslaw Staniek


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