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Re: [Rule-www] Navigating the web site

From: Michael Fratoni
Subject: Re: [Rule-www] Navigating the web site
Date: Mon, 22 Apr 2002 21:57:59 -0400

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On Monday 22 April 2002 06:33 pm, Rodolfo J. Paiz wrote:

> >If Rodolfo wants to host them on his server, thats easy enough as
> > well. Judging by my access logs, it shouldn't generate a lot of
> > traffic. I assume ssh access is available to upload the data?
> I wouldn't see "want" as an issue. If the concensus is that this is the
> best place for them, then I can certainly spare the space for them. I'd
> guess as high as 1GB might be available...

Read "wants" as 'is willing', or 'doesn't object', which I know is not 
what I said. :)
They shouldn't take a lot of space, 1GB should hold us over for quite a 

> FTP access is preferable since, to be perfectly honest, I have no idea
> where Plesk puts the files and would have to hunt for them. Still,
> Michael, yell if you want a shell. Then you can put abcdefghi.txt on
> the server via FTP and we can go look for it. <grin>

I've no need for a shell. FTP should be fine. Ability to create and 
delete files in the upload directory would be useful. I don't know if 
that's possible without a login.

> >I am working on some sort of documentation for both projects,
> > detailing how to build the filesystems, and how to generate the
> > images. I want to do it before I forget how. :)
> Mail me anything you want spell-checked, proofread (I'm good), or
> translated to either Spanish, Portuguese, and French. My last two are
> rusty but this makes good practice.

Will do. :)

> >Anyway, I am rebuilding it with a new case, 2 40GB drives, and hoping
> > I don't lose any data in the process.
> Want some temporary backup space? Got about 20GB currently free...

I haven't gotten around to the upgrade just yet, but I don't think the 
backup will be a concern. I've backed up to both cd and another local 
machine to be safe. Thank you for the offer though!

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- -Michael

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