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Re: Status update: IMC CMS and short-term plans for Samizdat

From: Antono Vasiljev
Subject: Re: Status update: IMC CMS and short-term plans for Samizdat
Date: Wed, 13 Sep 2006 22:24:47 +0300
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On Срд, 13 Сен 2006, Dmitry Borodaenko wrote:

> - feature: user notifications (research existing mailers)
> - bug: fix translations (?)

I still ready to mantain Esperanto translation. 

> - speed: mark-and-sweep in cache
> - ui: show nested comments
> - feature: import RSS feeds (filtered syndication of blogosphere)
> - feature: pod/vodcasting
> - install: research PostgreSQL clustering
> - install: restart Apache in postinst
> - bug: catch and report db connect timeout error
> - bug: reproduce and fix boud's Sanitize issue
> All this is a more difficult or lower priority work, I'm not going to
> start on it until I finish with the previous two batches. I would be
> really appreciate if someone could pick up one or two of these tasks,
> the ones marked as features and ui are more easy marks as they are
> relatively straight-forward and can be done without deep knowledge of
> Samizdat internals.

I've just installed samizdat from experimental. I need some time to look
at it more closely and chose relevant task :) Podcasting feature is
interesting for me so maybe i'll try to implement it. 

And... Some monthes ago i've trying to implement items exchange based on
samizdat. But now i tottaly forgot the things :) I still have interest
to this topic.

Antono Vasiljev

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