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Samizdat UI translations

From: Dmitry Borodaenko
Subject: Samizdat UI translations
Date: Tue, 28 Nov 2006 15:05:55 +0000

Samizdat release 0.6.0 is now ready, the only thing remaining now is
translations update: Esperanto is missing 2 messages, and Ukrainian is
missing 11:


#: lib/samizdat/engine/template.rb:310
msgid "Give a rating of how strongly this resource is related to selected focus"
msgstr ""

#: lib/samizdat/engine/template.rb:380
msgid "view source"
msgstr ""


#: cgi-bin/index.rb:186
msgid "Links"
msgstr ""

#: cgi-bin/member.rb:37
msgid "Failed to send email"
msgstr ""

#: cgi-bin/query.rb:26
msgid "Must-bind list should contain only one blank node, filters
based on queries with a complex answer pattern are not implemented"
msgstr ""

#: cgi-bin/query.rb:29
msgid "User-defined query pattern should not be longer than %s clauses"
msgstr ""

#: cgi-bin/query.rb:165
msgid "No matching resources found."
msgstr ""

#: cgi-bin/resource.rb:78
msgid "Literal"
msgstr ""

#: lib/samizdat/engine/message.rb:584
msgid "Specified language is not supported on this site"
msgstr ""

#: lib/samizdat/engine/template.rb:277
msgid "Add another focus"
msgstr ""

#: lib/samizdat/engine/template.rb:304
msgid "Select focus that this resource will be related to"
msgstr ""

#: lib/samizdat/engine/template.rb:308
msgid "Enter focus id if it's not in the list"
msgstr ""

#: lib/samizdat/engine/template.rb:380
msgid "view source"
msgstr ""

Please send translations of these messages to samizdat-devel list,
there is still some time before the release.

Dmitry Borodaenko

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