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Re: [imc-cms] [Imc-alternatives] indycore page layout suggestion

From: boud
Subject: Re: [imc-cms] [Imc-alternatives] indycore page layout suggestion
Date: Mon, 29 Jan 2007 21:09:08 +0100 (CET)

On Tue, 30 Jan 2007, address@hidden wrote:

Quoting boud <boud at>:

i guess the question then is whether or not we should force a default
"alt" attribute into html written by users where they fail to put in
an alt attribute.  i guess the filename stripped of its suffix should
in general have some chance of being meaningful as an alt attribute?

What does plone do in this case?

As Plone uses objects that have an ID and (generally) a title, the ALT tag is generated from the Title of the object. When the user is selecting an existing image, the alt tag is automatically chosen from the title, and they get to change this if they want. When uploading an image thru Kupu WYSIWYG editor entering a title for the image is required.

Well, reading between the lines, i guess this means that plone does
not normally allow the user the *option* of writing directly in html?
i guess this shows one of the differences with "out-of-the-box"
operation of samizdat. The default samizdat format is plain and simple
like the default mir format, but advanced users can either learn
textile or if they don't want to learn something new, they *may*
choose to use raw html. Since this is filtered through a list of
allowable html tags, i think we could also force an alt tag in img
links if the user doesn't put one in.


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