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Re: [Savannah-hackers-public] Admin position

From: Sylvain Beucler
Subject: Re: [Savannah-hackers-public] Admin position
Date: Mon, 3 Apr 2006 10:19:13 +0200
User-agent: Mutt/1.5.11+cvs20060126


We indeed seek help with the Savannah daily maintenance.

A good place to start would be helping with reviewing projects
submissions. This will allow you to see how Savannah works, and what
ethical values we spread (for example, emphasizing 'free software'
over 'open source').

New documentation about Savannah can be found at:
Feel free to skim through these pages.

I'll send you privately another documentation in Texinfo. That one is
a bit outdated, but you only need to read the section on 'Project
Approvals'. This will explain you what checks we perform on incoming

I suggest you join #savannah at if that's possible
for you. Check also the SavannahHackerCommunication page on the wiki
to see which mailing lists you should consider subscribing to.

Do you already have an idea on what you want to contribute to?


On Fri, Mar 31, 2006 at 04:25:37PM -0800, Danny Hembree wrote:
> I am Unix developer and system administrator with over 20 years 
> experience. I've used open source and GNU software since it's inception. 
> For the last 10 years I've focused on building  server farms for 
> internet services and writing software in PERL and C for administration 
> and control of these facilities. I would be very interested in joining a 
> project such as yours and request you consider the attached resume.
> Daniel P. Hembree
> 13206 Aztec St.
> Sylmar, CA 91342
> Home: (818)364-1081
> Cell: (818)866-8035
> email: address@hidden
> web site:
> Experience and Skills
> Programming
> Excellent programing skills in C, PERL, and SGML/DHTML. Comfortable with 
> C++, Java, assembly, and CORBA. I have used PHP, Javascript, Pascal, 
> Fortran, Lisp, TCL, and Scheme. I utilize a dynamical programing style 
> and am especially good at problem analysis and specification. I work at 
> the systems and application programming level with UNIX, VME, Macintosh, 
> and embedded computers. 
> Electronics
> Skilled at communications and computer systems design, specification, 
> and integration, working extensively in television, radio, telephony, 
> electronic security and internet environs. I'm familiar with a wide 
> range of communications and networking protocols and all aspects of UNIX 
> systems administration.
> Leadership
> I'm very good at organizing a project from scratch and coordinating
> the efforts of a team of technical workers.
> Work History
> Oct 01 - now
> Chief Technical Officer
> I Built and operated a server farm for an internet hosting company using 
> Linux,
> BSD, and MacOSX Servers. Worked as the principal developer and Sysadm. I 
> Wrote 
> and installed packages and scripts for maintenance and control of the system 
> as
> well as software for billing and customer service. Trained and supervised 
> customer service reps and technicians.
> Interliant Inc. ICOM Division, Hollywood CA, Developer/Sysadm
> Jul 99 - May 01
> Provided programs and system administration to one of the largest web 
> hosting companies. Developed a secure means for support personnel to 
> work in a UNIX shell environment along with methods to detect malicious 
> intrusions. Solved long standing problems web access, name servers, 
> POP/SMTP, and system logging. Developed an automated billing system that 
> kept track of a web hosting customer's features and packages and billed 
> them, in real time, with no manual intervention.
> Mosler Electronic Security Systems, Northridge CA, Sr. Engineer
> Nov 95-Mar 99
> Principal developer for a COTS electronic alarm and access control 
> system used to guard nuclear weapons facilities for the Air Force. The 
> system is a network of redundant UNIX host controlling a network of 
> embedded computers used for alarm and access control. Converted 
> Mosler's commercial systems from an RS232 system to a networked system 
> and moved the character based user interface to an X window interface.
> Megaphone Communications Systems, Las Vegas NV Owner/Engineer
> July 1985-Oct 1995
> Developed a UNIX based computer system used to control telephone 
> switches and provide billing, customer service, accounting and marketing 
> systems for small to medium sized long distance resellers. Trained 
> programmers and technicians to use "C" and UNIX as well as assembling, 
> configuring, and testing VME computer systems. Directed the production 
> of documentation and training of technicians, salespeople, and customer 
> service reps for clients. Specified the computer hardware and integrated 
> subsystems using TCP/IP, X25, HDLC, RS232, ethernet, and several custom 
> communications protocols. The system integrated computers using VME, 
> OS-9/68k, MacOS, DOS, and Windows OS's as well as Siemens/Stromberg, 
> Northern Telecom, and DEC telephone switches. Wrote a RDBMS in 'C' and 
> sybsytems for automatic operators, call centers, ordering systems, 
> voice mail, and international callback. In support of the above I built 
> a nationwide software maintenance network.
> Education and Training
> University of Nevada at Las Vegas BA Computer Science 1983-85
> University of New Mexico Journalism, 1972-76
> Prince George community College, Largo MD. Psychology, 1969-70
> Santa Ana Jr. College, Santa Ana CA. Psychology, 1965-67
> USMC Infantry Training, Basic Electronics, Radar Fundamentals,
> Aviation Fire Control, Nuclear Chemical and Biological Warfare, NCO
> Leadership. 1963-70
> Certificates
> Java/CORBA- Java 1.2 CORBA IDL API
> Microwave Associates- Microwave Engineering.
> FCC- 1st Class Commercial License
> References available

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